Natural Yellow Diamonds | Investment & Shopping Tips

Natural Yellow Diamonds | Investment & Shopping Tips

Natural yellow diamonds are the most common colored diamond but are still much more rare than white/clear diamonds. Although yellow diamonds are the most common color diamond, they are still very rare because color diamonds only account for 0.001% of total natural diamonds mined. As a result they are great investment diamonds. Some investment grade color diamonds double in value within 10 years.

Continue to read this article to learn how to shop for natural yellow diamonds. Either as a an investment or for a custom engagement ring.

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This article covers the following information about natural yellow diamonds:

  • Formation & Chemistry
  • Grading & Price
  • Shopping & Investment Tips
  • Fun Facts

Formation & Chemistry Of Natural Yellow Diamonds

A yellow diamond is formed because of the element, “nitrogen” present in the crystal lattice structure. Natural orange diamonds are formed very similarly. The nitrogen though is present inside the crystal lattice structure during the formation of the diamond.

Only a small fraction of diamond become full orange colored diamonds. A lot of orange diamonds have a yellowish color mix.

Natural Yellow Diamond Grading & Pricing

When shopping for yellow diamonds there are 9 yellow hue grades to pay attention to:

  • Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep & Fancy Dark.
  • The yellow diamond price range is between ($320$840,375).

Leibish | James Allen | Blue Nile are the three best places online to purchase natural yellow diamonds.

Among the three premium natural yellow diamond sellers mentioned above, Leibish is the best place to shop for many different color diamonds. But when it comes to custom engagement rings it is a close tie: James Allen vs Blue Nile. 

Every natural colored diamond is so unique it is worth your while to browse all three. Each online jewelers mentioned above only sell double 3rd party graded natural color diamonds. Their reputation is well respected world wide and are the future of loose diamond shopping.

Natural Yellow Diamond Shopping Tips

The 4 C’s Buyer’s Guide

It is very important you have a good understanding of the 4 C’s Buyer’s GuideThe 4 C’s are:

  • Cut– Cut is one of the most influential C’s. Best cut diamonds  shine & sparkle with “fire” that everyone is looking for in a diamond.
  • CaratCarat it the weight of a diamond. (1 carat equals 0.5 grams).
  • ClarityClarity grading is the inspection of black carbon inclusions or specs in a diamond.
  • ColorWhite diamond color grading differs from color diamond color grading. White Diamond vs. Color Diamond Grading
  • ShapeShape is not one of the 4 C’s but it is an important factor in the style of any diamond.

Shopping For Yellow Diamonds

When it comes to shopping for yellow diamonds you must first decide what you are looking for because it directs your focus. Are you looking for a valuable investment or collector’s item? Or, are you looking to create a the best custom engagement ring for your significant other that happens to have a yellow diamond?

Yellow Diamonds As Collector’s Items or Investments

Investing in yellow diamonds is a great way to diversify your portfolio or enhance your diamond collection. They are a great choice because natural colored yellow diamonds are unique, rare and only gain value with time.

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was on sale in 1877 for $18,000 | 1951 for $500,000 | 1972 for $5 million & | 1983 for $12 million. 

As you can see, colored diamonds make great investments.

See the investment grade diamonds available for sale.

If you want to invest in a yellow diamond that is not considered an “investment grade” diamond. Make sure the diamond you chose has a positive and unique characteristic about it. Furthermore, your investment diamond should have a certain level of beauty to ensure it’s value remains intact.

Color diamond investments are better than colorless, white/clear diamond investments. This is because there are much more colorless diamonds than color diamonds. In fact for .001% of diamonds are a color diamond. As a result, colored diamonds hold their intrinsic value much better than white diamonds.

A Yellow Diamond Can Achieve A Particular Look Or Style

The color yellow is associated with freshness, happiness and clarity.

When it comes to creating custom engagement rings, yellow diamonds have a high energy warm characteristics. Consequently, the yellow diamond color intensity spectrum may be attractive to a lot of people.

Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. But some good aesthetic guidance is good. Be creative. You are capable.

Leibish Is The Very Best Place To Purchase Natural Yellow Diamonds.

Yellow Diamond & Color Fun Facts

Yellow diamonds are associated with self-control, willingness and courage. As a result, yellow diamonds are empowering stones. There are many meanings behind the color yellow as well. Below is a list of fun facts about yellow diamonds and the color yellow.

Yellow Diamonds

  • Yellow diamonds are the most common diamond color but still very rare.
  • Nitrogen bonds with the atoms. As a result the diamond turns yellow.
  • Majority come from the Argyle South America & Africa.
  • The Famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond is the 2nd largest yellow diamond ever found. It was found in the Kimberly Mine in South Africa. In 1983 it was on sale for $12 million. What a great good investment diamond.

The Color Yellow

  • In The Bible the color yellow represents: joy, purification, the fire of God, and anointing.
  • Corresponds to the solar plexus chakra.
  • Corresponds to “E note”
  • Yellow symbolizes sanctity and is an essential herbal ingredient applied on the body and face by women in the sub continent. In a country steeped in religious beliefs, the origin of most colors lies in the powers and mythical lives of its gods.
  • “Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, has conflicting associations. On one hand yellow stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, but on the other, it represents cowardice and deceit. A dull or dingy yellow may represent caution, sickness, and jealousy.” Source 
  • Studies show that the meaning of the color yellow can be warmth, cheerfulness, increased mental activity, increased muscle energy. The color yellow helps activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision, build confidence, and stimulate the nervous system.” Source 


Yellow diamonds are special for many reasons. They are great collectible items & investments. Furthermore, they add excitement to any custom engagement ring shopping en-devour you may be on. When it comes to shopping for yellow diamonds, Leibish is the best because they have the most color diamonds for sale online.

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