Different Color Diamonds | Natural Colored Diamonds Only

There are many different color diamonds to chose from besides white/clear. As a result, you need to read this article to be a better diamond shopper.

This page gives basic information about different color diamonds available for purchase. You will learn everything you need to know about natural colored diamonds, their prices and the best places to buy them. As a result, you will make a better decision.

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Read this article to find out the place to purchase each natural color diamond. Also learn:

  • How different color diamonds form.
  • About how natural color diamonds are priced.
  • The best place to buy each natural colored diamond.

**Do not get Color Diamonds confused with the Color Grading “C” in the 4 C’s Buyer’s Guide.**

White Diamonds vs Color Diamonds

A white diamond with high color grading is chemically pure. A white diamond with a high color grading has little to no nitrogen in the crystal lattice structure. As a result it is very clear and has no yellow hue. The more clear the diamond is the more valuable.

But, yellow colored diamonds for instance have high level of nitrogen that produce a yellow vibrancy that puts the diamond in another class all together. Although yellow diamonds are the most common color diamond, they are much more rare than white diamonds.

Fun fact: Only 0.001% of availble diamonds is a colored diamond. In other words, color diamonds are very rare. As a result, they are popular collectible items and potentially great investments.

Different Color Diamonds

The different color diamonds covered in this article are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, champagne, argyle, chameleon and violet color diamonds.

Continue reading to learn how God creates color diamonds, how Humans price them, and where You can buy them.

It is important to pay attention to the hyperlinks as you read the shopping details of each colored diamond. This is because you will find in depth information about each natural color diamond.

Red Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($85,100 – $700,100) | Weight Range: (.17 – .78 carats)

Read this in depth article about natural red diamonds.

Red diamonds are the rarest diamonds you can buy. They are not available everywhere. But you can browse through Leibish’s Red Diamonds here.

Orange Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($650 – $201,400) | Weight Range: (0.18 – 6.71 carats)

Read this in depth article about natural orange diamonds.

Orange color diamond are orange because of the nitrogen levels present when the diamond is forming. The price and the desirability of orange diamonds is due to the intensity of the orange hue. Leibish has a large selection of different color diamonds including orange. James Allen and Blue Nile are also great options when shopping for orange color diamonds.

Yellow Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($343 – $1,144,717) | Weight Range: (0.15 – 19.06 carats)

Yellow diamonds, like orange diamonds get their color hue from the element nitrogen. Although all color diamonds are rare, yellow diamonds are the most common when you compare them to the different color diamonds. James AllenBlue Nile and Leibish have a great yellow diamond selection.

Green Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($957 – $400,183) | Weight Range: (0.09 – 3.28 carats)

Read this in depth article about natural green diamonds.

Green color diamonds are very interesting. The green hue is because of the radioactivity present during the diamond’s formation. Unfortunately, people replicate green diamonds by treating them in can be replicated in labs. The good news is all the green colored diamonds at Leibish, James Allenand Blue Nile are GIA certified natural colored diamonds.

Blue Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($4,850 – $400,183) | Weight Range: (0.07 – 3.94 carats)

Read this in depth article about natural blue diamonds.

Blue color diamonds are the 2nd to 3rd rarest diamond color behind red and violet color diamonds. The blue color comes from the boron that is  attached to the lattice structured carbon.  We really appreciate blue diamonds in particular because of their rarity and unique cool look. As a result you should browse Leibish’s blue diamonds for sale online. 

Purple Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($1,748 – $1,442,307) | Weight Range: (0.24 – 11.25 carats)

A purple color diamond is a must have item in your diamond collection. Purple is strongly associated with royalty. And the rarity of purple diamonds is formed by one of the most common gases. The high levels of hydrogen present during the formation of the diamond is what causes the vibrant purple. Leibish and Blue Nile are great places to shop for purple diamonds.

Pink Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($1,200 – $332,408) | Weight Range: (0.04 – 4.59 carats)

Pink diamonds are becoming a very popular collectors items. They are not the most uncommon color diamond available. But they are still very valuable and worthy of collecting. Learn how to buy pink diamonds for sale. Or you can shop at Leibish or Blue Nile for pink diamonds.

Brown Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($545 – $43,346) | Weight Range: (0.34 – 5.11 carats)

Brown color diamonds are brown because of the nickle content and radiation present during the diamond’s formation. Since the 1980’s they have become more popular. Brown diamonds has a strong correlation to chocolate candies. Browse brown diamonds at Blue Nile.

Black Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($2,825 – $13,350) | Weight Range: (1.24 – 6.02 carats)

Black diamonds are from outer space. An asteroid hit the earth that had black diamonds forming on it. They are also referred to as carbonado diamonds. Learn more about natural black diamonds. Or browse Leibish’s Black Diamonds.

Gray Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($900 – $98,800) | Weight Range: (0.08 – 5.01 carats)

Grey diamonds are very rare. Blue and purple diamonds are more rare that grey diamonds, but they get their color form the same elements. The high levels of boron and hydrogen create the fashionably grey color the tasteful seek out. Brows grey diamonds at Leibish or Blue Nile.

Champagne Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($600 – $230,500) | Weight Range: (0.24 – 8.18 carats)

Champagne diamonds are brown diamonds with yellow hues. Champagne diamonds are great diamond color choice for vintage engagement ring settings. But, it really comes down to you taste. Champagne diamonds are not available everywhere but you can browse Leibish’s Brown Diamonds.

Argyle Diamonds

Price Range: ($1,000 – $447,178) | Weight Range: (0.08 – 3.00 carats)

Argyle diamonds are graded differently than other color diamonds. Although over 90% of diamonds come from argyle mines argyle diamonds mainly consist of red, pink, purple, champagne and any combination in between. Browse through Leibish’s Argyl Diamonds.

Chameleon Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($650 – $78,300) | Weight Range: (0.11 – 5.60 carats)

Chameleon color diamonds are still mysterious as to how they change back and forth from yellow and green hues. Scientists believe it has to do with the thermo-dynamics effect on light refraction. These diamonds are not available at all online jewelry stores. But you can find browse Leibish’s chameleon diamonds.

Violet Color Diamonds

Price Range: ($8,100 – $32,300) | Weight Range: (0.05 – 0.32 carats)

Violet color diamonds are formed very similarly to purple color diamonds. The high amounts of hydrogen present during the diamond’s formation is what causes it to turn purple. A violet diamonds are considered to be different color diamonds compared to purple diamonds. Although they are similar are much more vibrant and neon in their appearance. Moreover, they violet diamonds are more expensive than purple diamonds. Browse Leibish’s violet diamonds.

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