My name is Ronald Blossom.

I love thinking about, writing about and buying diamonds & rings.

Brick and mortar stores use to dominate the industry. But technology is getting better and as a result shopping online is now the best approach.

This made me sad at first but once I got into it I realized it actually is much better. You can avoid the extra costs brick and mortar stores have to charge. Trust me this makes a big difference.

I also find the best online shopping experience is found at Blue Nile. This is because of the high quality products and advanced shopping tools they let you use for free.

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I contacted Blue Nile to see if I could make commissions if I bring traffic to their site. They said yes! As a result, this site is monetized. Consequently, I take the information I share with you very seriously because of my compensation.

Enjoy the information and have a great day.

Be specific when you shop because each diamond & ring is unique:

1 carat diamond ring

2 carat diamond ring

3 carat diamond ring

4 carat diamondring

5 carat diamond ring

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